Why choose us

For Landlords

Auriel Property Management deliver a unique balance of commercial property expertise and superb business services management. Currently running approaching 1,000,000 sq ft of space for multiple landlords we are proven at making your portfolio work harder.

Our services help you mitigate risk and remain agile while returning a strong income on your property. We work heavily in London but are experienced across the UK, and have recently worked in Bristol, Milton Keynes and Reading as well as other locations.

If you have a surplus amount of space that is becoming a drain on your resources we can turn this into a genuine revenue stream. By making your vacant space work as a business centre you can make income almost immediately. We can deliver a mix of clients that provide a stable and on-going income.

Why work with us?

  • Outsource your property management to a experienced team
  • Manage empty space and generate significant income
  • Make huge savings through our supplier contacts
  • Remove the shackles of day-to-day property maintenance